Pawcast: Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge

It's the Pawcast! The Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge podcast. Meet the dogs, hear the adoption report, learn about opportunities to help FOTA. The Pawcast will help you connect with our organization and support our mission of saving as many dogs and puppies as possible from the East Baton Rouge municipal shelter. Happy tails!
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Dec 1, 2016

Look who has landed on the Pawcast this week: a golden boy and a cafe au lait girl. Dorado is all #Eyebrows and a fun, playful spirit. What a contrast to the super sassy Latte-- House hooman Laney talks up this square head beauty (complete with rhinestone collar.) Also: got some time? Why not volunteer at FOTA? Listen, SHARE, and enjoy this new Pawcast podcast episode.


Nov 24, 2016

On this fine Thanksgiving, we take a moment to express gratitude for all the folks that make Friends of the Animals possible. We love the dogs and are grateful for the unconditional love they give us all. Happy Thanksgiving! Listen, SHARE, and enjoy this new Pawcast #podcast. 

Nov 17, 2016

Well, it happened again-- Catherine is in love at the very first sight of Jordan, our first Dog of the Week. Paula explains why his good looks and perky personality have this effect on everyone. Up next is Bailey. This little girl has been through it! She is an example of what everyone involved in animal rescue hopes to see: a dog that had a difficult time being nurtured into good health and adoptability. Plus: fibbing and wispy grass. Listen, SHARE, and enjoy this new Pawcast podcast.

Nov 10, 2016

Do you need a ray of sunshine this week? Well, the Pawcast is here to serve. You gotta meet our two Dogs of the Week! First up is Ike, who charms Catherine and Paula as he romps around the large dog yard. He's handsome and sweet-- the total package. Next is Penny who is a classic scruffy girl, wiry and auburn. Brittany tells us all about Penny's personality outside of the kennel. PLUS: BARKaid at Barcadia this weekend! Listen, SHARE, and enjoy the new Pawcast podcast. 

Nov 3, 2016

Ooh la la! Mabel and Abby! Can you handle the cute? Mabel is a love, playing and romping around. She's a total best friend in the making, ready to be adopted. Up next-- as if she was shot out of a cannon, Abby races around the large dog yard (hound and whippet-- whip it real good!) This happy-go-lucky girl gets profiled by her fosters. Plus: "holiday" closures. Listen, SHARE, and savor this new Pawcast #podcast.

Oct 27, 2016

Small dog alert! We've got two smaller boys as our Dogs of the Week. Up first is Mick: don't let his serious look fool ya. He's a sweetie that looks like a mini shar pei. With a black, red, and cream coat, he's something to see. Bonus: Mick has a helicopter tail. We turn next to Brady, a Sheltie mix. Catherine expounds one of his fashion choices. Finally, the show wraps by discussing a type of "season" at FOTA (hint: it involves helping out.) Listen, SHARE, and enjoy the new Pawcast #podcast!

Call the Dog Adoption House at (225) 239-7368


Oct 20, 2016

PAWCAST EXCLUSIVE! It's Scott, part of the winning team from Bark N' BBQ! Scott tells us all about how super Bark N' BBQ was as event, plus all about the winning dish. Up next are Sully and Checkers, two super dogs-- we talk to their super fosters Patti and Lindsey to get the scoop on these great adoptable puppers. The show wraps with some shout-outs to all the folks that made Bark N' BBQ awesome (especially our hosts,!) Listen, SHARE, and enjoy the new Pawcast #podcast!

Oct 13, 2016

Teeny Zeke is a pup to meet! He's just a lil guy, handsome, and a TOTAL buddy. Up next is speedy, velvety Dixie. She's lab through and through, listeners get to hear from Paula and SURPRISE, David, Dixie's foster! PLUS: Holy smokes, you know we're going to talk ALL THINGS Bark N' BBQ. Listen, SHARE, and enjoy the new Pawcast.


Oct 6, 2016

Busy Lizzie is a Black Mouth Cur pupper who has some antics up her pretty sleeves! Paula and Catherine gush about her, trying to entice the listener to come by FOTA and meet her. Up next: semi-reluctant Laney introduces Willow. Willow is high energy and a multi-colored minx. Get ready to go deep into Willow's appearance and spirit, as well as how Petz Plaza is being of service to his adoptable dog. Listen, SHARE, and enjoy this new Pawcast #podcast. 

Sep 29, 2016

Hey, hey! Katie is a big beauty; Gidget is a sweet, workin' dawg. Meet these girls on the new Pawcast podcast. PLUS: Bark N' BBQ!

Sep 22, 2016

Hey there Doogie Dog, with your cute, cute ears. Paula and Catherine discuss each and every marking on this cute boy. Meet this black and white beaut and learn about why his foster mom loves him so much. Up next is Cap, a big ol' hound mix with a tail that warrants discussion. Learn all about this big-un and how great he is. PLUS: Woo hoo! Bark n' BBQ is coming up!! Bob's got all the news on this great event. Listen, SHARE, and enjoy this new Pawcast podcast!

Sep 15, 2016

Hello, longhair and golden Buster! He's new to FOTA and ready to be loved. Be sure to stop by the Dog Adoption House and run your fingers through his locks. Up next is long, long Slinky! She is unique with her coat and shape. We cover the whole package (plus her great personality.) AND we explore my longstanding theory about the relationship between dining and getting dogs adopted (THANK YOU Bistro Byronz!) Listen, SHARE, and enjoy this new Pawcast podcast. 

Sep 1, 2016

She's a real life saver! Our first Dog of the Week is Mama Mia, a beautiful amber girl with a happy face. After nursing her own puppies, she took on and saved another litter. All the puppies have been adopted, so now it's Mama Mia's turn. Up next is chocolate chip speckled Mamie. Mamie's foster mom gushes about what a sweet girl Mamie is and why she'd make a great companion to the right adopters. PLUS: Pets N' Paddling is this weekend!! Bob might sing the praises of this event...literally. Listen, SHARE, and enjoy this show.

Aug 25, 2016

What?! UNHEARD OF, yet true-- Executive Director Paula and host Catherine hit the Small Dog Room for the Dogs of the Week. Meet Harley Arod, who is chocolate cake brown and white, very chill and personable. At 14 pounds, he is handsome and sweet. Up next: Blitz! Check out those ears-- they might point in different directions, but they help complete his distinguished (compact) package. Plus: Flooding updates and Pets n' Paddling Sept 3!

Aug 18, 2016

Just a quick message to let folks know how FOTA dogs are hanging in during the flooding, as well as how FOTA volunteers are being of service during this trying time. Lots of love and dry thoughts to everyone during this time. #Woof

Aug 11, 2016

In this special edition of the Pawcast, Exec Director and Pawcaster Catherine go over some of the nuts and bolts of Friends of the Animals. You will learn yearly stats, how things work behind the scenes, and some of what goes into running the organization. (Of course, you'll get the scoop on the various ways you can help out FOTA and adoptable dogs, too.) Listen, SHARE, and enjoy this not-the-usual Pawcast!

Aug 4, 2016

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! All the RAFFLE winners are posted at FOTA-- thanks to all who gave it a go. We've got two super dawgs on this show: Parker and Jasper. Parker has long hair and short legs: go figure. Jasper loves walks and has a not-so-secret ridge just ready for patting. PLUS: AMAZING MEDIA NEWS for Friends of the Animals. Listen, SHARE, and enjoy!

Jul 28, 2016

Amazing Dogs of the Week! Lil' legs, little shorty-short legs on Pluto! This charmer is black and white, a low rider, and a great guy to meet. Up next is on trend Bambi! Paula and Catherine parse out all Bambi's attributes and gush a little bit about Black Mouth Curs. The show wraps with Bob and Catherine trying to keep it fresh. Plus: check out a podcast all about the animal rescue community. Listen, SHARE, and enjoy the new Pawcast podcast!

Jul 21, 2016

Color coordinated Dogs of the Week! Wait-- personality AND color coordinated Dogs of the Week!! Meet Scruff McGruff and Lester! You'll hear a lot of talk of brown and white fur and dogs that want to be with people and NOT outside. Also: RAISING CANES this Saturday! Find out how to get something yummy and help FOTA. Plus: some unmentionables. Oh, and a gossip item. Listen, SHARE, and enjoy the new Pawcast podcast.

Jul 14, 2016

Usually we don't get a lot of puppies on the Pawcast, but today is a bit different! Meet Georgia, a black lab mix, who is eager and playful... and who has three sibs who you need to see! Plus Heidi who has a carbon copy in Giselle-- these cattle dog mixes live up to their supermodel names. Plus: you may have heard it before, it's not new news, but we try and make it fresh (with Bob jazzing things up.) Listen, SHARE, and enjoy the Pawcast!!

Jul 7, 2016

Meet Cat Haven, a cat rescue group here in Baton Rouge. Executive Director Wendy takes us on a virtual tour and explains how Cat Haven helps cats in our community. Bonus: kitty hammocks! Up next is Dr. Marianne Fairchild of Spay Spa. Marianne talks about rescue medicine and what we all can be on the look-out for during the hot summer months for our pets. It's a special episode of the Pawcast. Listen, SHARE, and enjoy!

Jun 30, 2016

Puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, puppies, AND Max! Plus: raffle, competitive grilling. Listen, SHARE, and enjoy this new Pawcast podcast.

Jun 23, 2016

Happy, happy for Phil on his first day out of the shelter. Meet this wonderful dog as we talk to first-timer on the podcast Audrey. Up next is long-timer Bob as he talks about little girl Harvey (AKA Bunny.) She's sleek and pointy, with a couple of secrets up her sleeves (including the origin story of her ears.) Listen, SHARE, and enjoy this new Pawcast podcast.

Jun 16, 2016

Oh hai! On this new Pawcast, meet speckled Tipper. Are Catherine and Sharon being hopeless romantics about this good boy? You decide! Up next: Zeus who is not just good looks. He's looking for just the right forever home to give out pats. PLUS: Raffle, Yoga Flow, more raffle talk, and then how super grillers  can help FOTA. Listen, SHARE, and enjoy this new Pawcast podcast.

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